Mountain canicross stage race

DOG EPIC Race 2021

4 stages / 28 km / team competition

Place:Jizera Mountains, Czech republic
Date:13.–15. 8. 2021
Check-in:13. 8. in race office
Start of 1st stage:interval
Start of 2nd stage:mass
Start of 3rd stage:interval
Start of 4th stage:pursuit


Women with dogs up to 14.9kg

Women with dogs over 15kg

Men with dogs up to 14.9kg

Men with dogs over 15kg

Team competition

Registered athletes can form teams consisting of four athletes for the Dog Epic individual race. Team competition is not compulsory. There must be one dog up to 14.9kg and one woman on every team.

Results of the team competition are calculated based on the total time of all team members from all four stages. All team members must therefore finish all four stages.
Registration for team competition is free!

Rules for registering for team competition are as follows:

  1. All athletes on the team must first be registered for the individual race.
  2. During the handover of bibs in race office, all four teammates must declare that they want to compete in the team and determine the team name.

The trail

Rolling hills, some serious climbs, forest trails, single trails, minimal amount of gravel.

Stage length 4 km - 7 km - 4 km - 12 km

Total app. 28 km

Start types - 2x interval start, 1x mass start, 1x pursuit start


Free parking for competitors in the race area.

Accommodation and meal services

Restaurant is in the race area.

Camping in cars or tents in the race area.

Registration fee

Registration fee is paid online during the registration using your credit card.

Until 31st of December 1.000 Czech crowns

Until 31st of March 1.200 Czech crowns

Until 31st of May 1.500 Czech crowns

Until 10th of June 2.000 Czech crowns

On-site registration is not possible!

The race fee includes

  • FINISHER T-shirt
  • Professional chip timing
  • Parking
  • On-line results
  • Race sticker
  • Race BIB with your name (and name of your team if you are registered for team competition as well)
  • Refreshment stops on the trail and at the finish
  • WC, water in race area

Registration fee is non-refundable!

Prize giving ceremonies

There will be a prize giving ceremony after each stage for the best three in the stage in every category. There will be a medal ceremony for overall winners after the last stage. The three best teams will also be awarded.


  • Any form of aggression during the race will result in disqualification!
  • Inconsiderate or aggressive behavior toward dogs will result in disqualification.
  • Any behavior that may damage the good name of the sport can result in disqualification.
  • Races are held with the utmost respect to nature. We ask that all participants uphold this attitude.
  • Dogs must be over 12 months old on the day of the race.
  • The athlete must take part in all four stages of the race with the same dog.
  • Dogs must take part in the race wearing a pulling harness and must be linked to the athlete’s belt or bicycle/scooter via a retractable leash for the whole duration of the race. The length of the leash when fully extended is allowed to be a maximum of two metres for canicross.
  • The organizer may weigh dogs on an electronic scale during registration or at the finish. Refusal to have dogs weighed will automatically result in the athlete’s transfer to a higher category.
  • A runner with only one dog may take part in the race.
  • Come to registration with a valid vaccination certificate. Rabies vaccinations are mandatory.
  • Charged torches are required for the night stage.
  • Athletes must have a charged mobile phone on their person during the long stage
  • Arrive at registration at least 15 minutes before it finishes.
  • Be prepared at the starting line five minutes before the first starting athlete of your category. Aides at the starting line will help you line up among the other athletes.
  • Dogs must be leashed in the starting area. You must be wearing the chip on your ankle and your canicross starting number visibly on your chest or on the handlebars of your bicycle/scooter.
  • Any aggression on the part of the dogs during the race (this does not necessarily entail only biting, but other attacks, growling, etc. at competitors or their dogs) may result in disqualification. The organizer will always listen to both sides.
  • The organizer reserves the right to limit the amount of participants.
  • The organizer will take off your chip in the finish area (do not move around the start and finish areas with chips on unnecessarily).
  • Rules of the race are available in the race office.
  • The race is run in the protected landscape park of the Jizera Mountains. Athletes must respect all relevant provisions and rules. Primarily, we emphasize that dogs are kept leashed for the whole course of the race.
  • Athletes must clean up their dogs’ excrement in the start and finish areas and their immediate surroundings. Failure to uphold this rule will lead to disqualification from the race.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change rules and propositions without prior notification.
  • No headphones or audio devices are allowed on the trail during the race.
  • No dogs with docked ears will be allowed to participate in the event.
  • By sending in the electronic application, athletes give their agreement to the rules of the race. In addition, they agree to and are fully aware of the fact that they run the race at their own risk and are responsible for any damages incurred to themselves or their dogs! Furthermore, by sending in the application, athletes agree that all audiovisual recordings of their person and their dogs may be used for commercial purposes by the organizer and their partners (third parties) without any restrictions in terms of time or territory.
  • The race is running in full operation, competitors are obliged to comply with the traffic regulations in the course of road traffic in accordance with Act No. 361/2000 Coll. as amended.